Showcase of tests, work in progress and scripting projects I'm working on. 


Autostore MASH systems

I had fun creating several MASH systems to support this project at Tendril.
The grid was built up of multiple parts that all were linked together with MASH.
We also used it for shots where a lot of the grid-sliding robots was needed. There a pre-defined animation was scattered over the grid in space and time to offset and create a natural flow.

Spin girl!

Fun little rig I did for an unreleased project for Tendril.


Whale Rigging and Animation made for an unreleased project at Analog.

Asimo Rig

Animation made at Analog with the lovely Asimo Robot.

Face Picker

Facepicker done in QT that links to a eye-rig.
Supports different namespaces, possibility to select multiple controllers with SHIFT and to get the selected controllers from the scene updated in the UI.

Cloth and deformers

I really like playing around with ncloth. Specially in combination with different blendshapes as the main structure.
This are just a few small tests using this principle. It's also relying on "input mesh attract" to get the geometry back to its default position afterwards, in combination with a animated texture creating some organic effects.

Arena Transition

Using a number of techniques to transition an arena into existence.
I've used the duplicator values script I developed before and also a combination of driven-keys and deformers to get the desired effect.


Todo is a simple todo-manager for Maya.
It saves the todo's into the maya file to use later.