Honda Keep it up

Rigging of the Cars and Character


An ad to show the innovation and speed of Honda.


Car Rigging

I was responsible to set up the animation system for all of the cars. It was a challenge to have them behave as realistic as possible but still being able to control in an easy matter.  
We ended up with a semi-automatic system where the dynamics of suspension, banking etc. could be dialed in with a percent change when needed. Then baked out to keyframes for rendering.


Robot Run

I’ve also set up the character rig for Asimo and did the run cycle for him (that you can see for the generous 24 frames).
It was mostly a classic rigging experience but it also had some interesting challenges for the legs that were restrained in some axises and needed special attention.
We went through several iterations of the Robots run, since he normally couldn’t run as fast as he was required to.







Other Credits
Agency : Wieden & Kennedy
Director : ManvsMachine

Created at Analog