Leviathan Ages

Rigging a emperor


Bound in ancient celestial ballet, nine dead Kings arise to claim a fallen Emperor.
A film by Jon Yeo.


The brief of the character

I worked with Jon Yeo and Diogo Dias to give life to this Barely Noticeable character. 
He needed to portray a sense of power. With wavy motion on its arm, and heavy breathing.
It all come together in a nice way that was interesting both from a technical and artistic point of view.

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Making Of

Coming alive

I split the character up in 3 different challenges:
- The breathing and mechanics
- The cloth
- The tentacles
The breathing was done by getting some joints in place. I then applied different sin expressions to get the up and down motion. So the only keyframed animation needed was in the end of the film when he needed to breath more heavely. The mechanics was setup with the same principle.
The cloth was using weighted ncloth with only part of the character beeing effected. Then using its original position as a goal for the rest of the cloth to stay in place and follow the animation.
The tentacles was the most fun to set up. It involved a dynamic hair-system I used before to get a secondary animation. This time I had really good control over the shape that I could get the tentacles into. That allowed great flexibility in them making it easy to animate between different positions.

Jon Yeo






Other Credits
Director: Jon Yeo
3D: Diogo Dias